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Barron’s Live “What to Watch in the Markets” Podcast with Buffalo Small Cap Fund PM Jamie Cuellar

April 22, 2021


Buffalo Small Cap Fund co-portfolio manager Jamie Cuellar recently appeared on the Barron’s Live “What to Watch in the Markets” podcast.

During the segment, Jamie discusses where we are at in the small cap cycle, including valuation factors, and highlights several macroeconomic trends core to the Buffalo Funds investment philosophy — increasing demand for communications bandwidth and the rise of diagnostic and precision medicine. In the context of the discussion, Jamie also highlights several small cap companies taking advantage of these trends:

  • Bandwidth (NASDAQ: BAND)
  • Tenable (NASDAQ: TENB)
  • Castle Biosciences (NASDAQ: CSTL)

I think we’re very early in a multi-year cyclical upturn in communication spending, which is going to be great for communications equipment, optical systems and components, wireless equipment, and even communication semiconductors.

~ Jamie Cuellar, Co-Portfolio Manager, Buffalo Small Cap Fund


Jamie Cuellar
Portfolio Manager
29 Years of Experience
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