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“Small Companies Profiting From Covid-19 Pivots”

“Small Companies Profiting From Covid-19 Pivots”

Buffalo Small Cap Fund portfolio managers Bob Male and Jamie Cuellar were recently interviewed by Barron’s about small-cap companies using size to their advantage, by pivoting their business models to cater to life amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Top 20 Female Portfolio Managers in America 2019

Top 20 Female Portfolio Managers in America 2019

List of the “Top 20 Female Portfolio Managers in the U.S.” according to Citywire includes Buffalo Fund manager Nicole Kornitzer, one of only 7 women to be included in consecutive years.

DateArticle TitleSource
2020-09-02"Market Call" with Buffalo Small Cap Fund PM Jamie CuellarMoney Life with Chuck Jaffe
2020-08-26Finding Good Stocks in a Bad SectorKiplinger
2020-08-25Make the Most of Your Retirement with These Top-Ranked Mutual Funds – Buffalo Small Cap Fund - BUFSXZack's
2020-08-19Small Companies Profiting From COVID-19 PivotsBuffalo Small Cap FundBarron's
2020-07-213 Top-Performing Mutual Funds to Consider for Your Retirement Portfolio – Buffalo Small Cap Fund - BUFSX / BUISXZack's
2020-07-02These 5 Dividend Funds Offer the Flexibility to Weather the PandemicBuffalo Dividend Focus FundBarron's
2020-06-10"Market Call" with Buffalo Mid Cap Fund PM Chris CarterMoney Life with Chuck Jaffe
2020-05-01Buffalo Funds Announces a New President, a New Hire, and Portfolio Manager ChangesBuffalo Funds press release
2020-04-25"7 Stock Picks for a Volatile Market From a Manager Who ‘Finds Innovation All Over the Place’" with Dave Carlsen, PM of Buffalo Discovery FundMarketWatch
2020-04-21"Drive to the Close" with Jamie Cuellar, PM of Buffalo Small Cap FundBloomberg Radio
2020-03-25Buffalo International and Buffalo High Yield Funds named to Investor's Business Daily 2020 Best Mutual Funds ListInvestor's Business Daily
2020-02-21"Market Call" with Buffalo International Fund PM Bill KornitzerMoney Life with Chuck Jaffe
2020-02-04Stock Market Bulls Defy Coronavirus Fear; Can Small Caps Pass This Test?Investor's Business Daily
2019-12-247 Mid-Cap Growth Funds to BuyBuffalo Discovery FundU.S. News
2019-12-20Top 20 Female Portfolio Managers in AmericaCitywire
2019-11-04Journal Report – Investing in Funds & ETFs – Buffalo Small Cap Fund, Buffalo Mid Cap FundWall Street Journal
2019-09-27"Big Interview" with Buffalo International Fund PM Bill KornitzerMoney Life with Chuck Jaffe
2019-09-18How an International Stock Fund Finds Its Winning RecipeBarron's
2019-07-034 Non-US Mutual Funds to Buy Now – Buffalo International Fund - BUFIX / BUIIXZack's
2019-07-01Buffalo Funds Introduces Institutional Class SharesBuffalo Funds press release
2019-06-28"Market Call" with Buffalo Emerging Opportunities Fund PM Doug CartwrightMoney Life with Chuck Jaffe
2019-06-27These European companies benefit from high health-care prices in the U.S.MarketWatch
2019-06-17Focusing on Midcaps with Secular Growth TailwindsThe Wall Street Transcript
2019-06-14This Sector May Be Key for Investing ProfitsInvestor's Business Daily
2019-05-033 Non-US Mutual Funds Worth Taking a LookZack's
2019-03-14The Top 5 Actively Managed Dividend Funds (Buffalo Dividend Focus Fund - BUFDX / BUIDX)Barron's
2019-02-06These 2 Stocks You've Never Heard of are Better Ways to Profit from Amazon's GrowthMarketWatch
2018-12-03Fishing for Value OverseasFinancial Advisor
2018-12-03Mutual Funds That Are Bear Market Survivors (Buffalo Growth Fund - BUFGX / BUIGX)Forbes
2018-11-22How a Small-Cap Fund Manager is Handling a Ruthless Period in the Stock MarketBarron's
2018-11-21This Apple Supplier Now Looks Like a Better Buy Than Apple's Own StockBarron's
2018-10-25Consider These Non-U.S. Mutual Funds for Excellent Returns (Buffalo International Fund - BUFIX / BUIIX)Zack's
2018-10-23The Crimson Tide Rising for Global EquitiesFinancial Times
2018-09-27Can Trade Wars Disturb the Retirement Industry?PlanAdviser
2018-08-31Winning women: The 20 top female portfolio managers in the US (Nicole Kornitzer, Buffalo International Fund PM)Citywire
2018-08-28What Stops Women in Finance?Wealth Management
2018-08-16Trade Wars: Finding Substance In All The HypeFinancial Advisor
2018-07-27International Markets Offering Low Valuations and Faster Pace of GrowthThe Wall Street Transcript
2018-07-23Research Radar: Six managers rising up our ratings (Bob Male, Jamie Cuellar - Buffalo Small Cap Fund PMs)Citywire
2018-07-19These two trends will continue to power small-cap stocksMarketWatch
2018-07-10International Stars to Watch (Bill Kornitzer, Nicole Kornitzer - Buffalo International Fund PMs)Citywire
2018-05-31Stocks drop after U.S. imposes tariffs on steel, aluminumWall Street Journal
2018-05-22Leveraged loan rush sees borrowers gain balance of powerFinancial Times
2018-04-23These 3 cutting-edge stocks can sharpen your investment portfolioMarketWatch
2018-03-29Actively Managing a Diversified Portfolio of Small-Cap CompaniesThe Wall Street Transcript
2018-03-19Buffalo Discovery Fund named to Investor's Business Daily 2018 Best Mutual Funds ListInvestor's Business Daily
2018-03-19Innovators Fuel Buffalo Discovery Fund OutperformanceInvestor's Business Daily
2018-03-087 Growth Stocks with Great PromiseKiplinger
2018-03-02Buffalo Funds Prepares For When Bear Market Shreds Passively Managed FundsKansas City Business Journal
2018-01-17FAANG Stocks: Buy, Sell or Hold (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google--Alphabet)Kiplinger
2018-01-05Amazon, Facebook Help Drive Buffalo Discovery Fund's Hot RunInvestor's Business Daily
2018-01-02Top Stock Picks for 2018Money
2017-12-17No Trump windfall for private prisons yet, but some bet on gainsReuters
2017-11-22The 7 Best Growth Funds to Beat the Market in 2018InvestorPlace
2017-10-17The 5 Best Retirement Funds for 2018InvestorPlace
2017-09-22Four #1 Non-US Mutual FundsZacks
2017-08-08Alpha Female 2017 -- The Top Female Fund Managers in 7 Major Markets (Nicole Kornitzer)Citywire
2017-08-01These Funds Are Tops In 3-Year ReturnsFinancial Advisor
2017-06-073 Strong Buy Non-US Mutual FundsZacks
2017-05-15#1 Foreign Large Growth Fund -- Buffalo International FundU.S. News
2017-05-08Buffalo Avoids Herd MentalityCitywire
2017-04-26Ones to Watch - Buffalo International FundCitywire
2016-12-07Top 20 Female Portfolio Managers in AmericaCitywire
2016-08-31U.S. News "Best Mutual Funds in 2016" List Includes Several Buffalo FundsU.S. News
2016-08-17Today's Top 5 Stock Picks: Fund Beating 98% of PeersBarron's
2016-07-12U.S. Fund Managers On Hunt For Companies That Won't Be 'Amazon-ed' AwayReuters
2016-05-17Income Investing Strategies to Preserve CapitalSeeking Alpha
2015-11-01KC's 50 Most Powerful People435 Magazine

Diversification does not assure a profit, nor does it protect against a loss in a declining market.

Active investing has higher management fees because of the manager’s increased level of involvement while passive investing has lower management and operating fees. Investing in both actively and passively managed mutual funds involves risk and principal loss is possible. Both actively and passively managed mutual funds generally have daily liquidity. There are no guarantees regarding the performance of actively and passively managed mutual funds. Actively managed mutual funds may have higher portfolio turnover than passively managed funds. Excessive turnover can limit returns and can incur capital gains.

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