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Year Founded

# of Mutual Funds
  10 / no-load / actively-managed

Advisor to the Funds
  Kornitzer Capital Management

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The Buffalo Funds are a family of 10 actively-managed, no-load mutual funds, which provide a variety of long-term investment options for our clients. We believe that patient investing, backed by solid, intelligent research, can be the best way to achieve long-term financial returns.

The Funds were founded by Kornitzer Capital Management (KCM), an investment management firm founded in 1989 which continues to act as adviser to the Funds.

The Buffalo Funds are distinguished by our:

  • Long-term, low-turnover investment strategy
  • Team-based, idea-sharing management style
  • Top-down/bottom-up philosophy, driven by internally generated research and a strict valuation discipline
  • Midwest headquarters, far from the noise and distraction of coastal markets
  • Commitment to finding what we consider to be premier companies whose securities hold the potential to provide attractive returns at competitive prices

While the funds are no-load, management and other expenses still apply. Please refer to the prospectus for further details.

Fundamental Approach

We get to know the companies we invest in and learn how they run their business.

Top-Down & Bottom-Up

We identify Top-Down broad, secular growth trends and search for companies from the Bottom-Up.

Proprietary Philosophy

We construct our portfolios based on our own proprietary investment strategy.

Disciplined Investing

Sticking to our disciplined investment strategy ensures we maintain a consistent, balanced approach.