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How economic cycles, GDP growth, global savings rates, and relative valuations could all be possible indicators of increased opportunity in international equity investing — Our International Fund portfolio managers provide a detailed analysis of various global factors they view as key drivers of growth in international markets and why today’s investing environment could be ideal for investors looking to expand their international exposure.  Read More

Bill Kornitzer, Nicole Kornitzer — October 2017 — 13 pages  


How the Buffalo Discovery Fund portfolio managers use innovation as the cornerstone of their investment strategy — In this latest report, we outline our views on innovation as a key component of our investment criteria for companies in the Buffalo Discovery Fund portfolio.  Read More

Clay Brethour, Dave Carlsen, Elizabeth Jones — September 2017 — 4 pages  


Cautious positioning could be key — We now believe the high yield market offers more risk than reward. While we are not forecasting an imminent recession, numerous factors could result in wider credit spreads down the road.  Read More

Paul Dlugosch, Jeff Sitzmann, Jeff Deardorff — September 2017 — 5 pages  


The equity markets continued their upward trajectory during the 3rd quarter, with most market indices closing the quarter at or near all-time highs — There are 2 key events that will take place over the coming year that will likely have an impact on the market. 1) The Fed will begin to shrink their bond portfolio. 2) There could be a shake-up in Fed leadership.  Read More

Clay Brethour — October 2017 — 4 pages  


With the market momentum in Q1, the first half of 2017 has been the best start for global equities since 1998. — As we move into the 2nd half of 2017, we take a look at the global equity markets and the drivers of change that could move the markets in one direction or another. In this latest report, we also outline potential Central Bank and Federal Reserve policy changes that could affect the financial markets later this year. From pending legislation in the U.S. to upcoming international elections, we give our outlook on the industry and how it might affect you in 2017.  Read More

Clay Brethour — July 2017 — 4 pages  

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