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The Benefits and Risks of Target Date Funds for Millenials

7/31/2019 | Christopher Crawford

With a vast landscape of investment options available and limited knowledge in the market, many millennials are turning to target date funds (TDFs) as a set-it-and-forget-it investing method without knowing all the risks.  Read More

Why High-Net-Worth Individuals Should Invest Like Institutional Investors

6/21/2019 | Christopher Crawford

At first glance, High-Net-Worth (HNW) individuals may not seem to have many similarities with institutional investors. However, a closer look reveals that they actually have many qualities in common. These similarities highlight precisely why HNW individuals should also share many of the same investment strategies as financial institutions.  Read More

Top Components of an Effective Advisor Support System

5/14/2019 | Christopher Crawford

Keeping up with industry trends, individual client needs, and varied technologies draws time away from an advisor’s main focus: giving clients the best advice they can. The goal of an effective advisor support system is to make advisors more efficient, giving them the freedom to offer the high-level financial assistance that they are trained to provide.  Read More

Top 5 Questions Advisors Should Ask Fund Managers

4/22/2019 | Christopher Crawford

It’s not only fair but necessary to get a complete picture of the person entrusted with valuable assets. These questions can offer some guidelines when interacting with a mutual fund manager. The information you glean from the answers will give you a better understanding of what you can expect from your fund manager.  Read More

4 Strategies for Impactful Networking

3/26/2019 | Christopher Crawford

The vast majority of professionals agree that networking is one of the major keys to securing new prospective clients, sharing knowledge, and growing your business. So why does the practice get such a bad rap? The truth is that networking done correctly is as enjoyable and impactful as it is useful for your career.  Read More

How to Ask for Referrals the Right Way

3/13/2019 | Christopher Crawford

Referrals may be the most basic form of growth marketing, but they’re anything but simple. The desire to avoid burdening or alienating clients is the single biggest reason why advisors do not ask for referrals. However, those who do reach out for referrals tend to reap major rewards – referrals are the #1 source of new business for financial advisors. The key to making referrals work is to ask the right way.  Read More

Finding Your Voice: What Separates You From Other Advisors?

2/13/2019 | Christopher Crawford

Nowhere is this scarcity of clients more true than in the financial advisory world. Between the growing number of financial advisors (and now robo advisors) and the limited number of investors seeking their services, competition between advisors is hearty, to say the least. Given these circumstances, it’s important to ask yourself, why should investors choose you?  Read More

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