Institutional Class Shares – FAQs

On July 1, 2019, shares of the Buffalo Funds were re-designated as “Investor Class” shares and new “Institutional Class” shares were created. Accounts that met the eligibility requirements were automatically converted to the new Institutional Class of shares on July 1st.

New Ticker Symbols, CUSIPs, Expense Ratios





As of 12/31/2022SymbolCUSIPExpense RatioSymbolCUSIPExpense Ratio
DIVIDEND FOCUSBUIDX1195308060.78%BUFDX1195306080.93%
EARLY STAGE GROWTHBUIOX1195308891.33%BUFOX1195303011.46%
FLEXIBLE INCOMEBUIBX1195308710.86%BUFBX1194281001.01%
HIGH YIELDBUIHX1195308550.87%BUFHX1195391041.02%
LARGE CAPBUIEX1195308300.78%BUFEX1196281050.93%
MID CAPBUIMX1195308220.87%BUFMX1195302021.02%
SMALL CAPBUISX1195308140.86%BUFSX1198041021.01%

All expense ratios are current as of July 1, 2019. For additional information, please review the updated Prospectus.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why is Buffalo doing this?

Am I being converted to the new class?

Will my account number change because of this conversion?

Can I aggregate my various accounts to reach the Institutional threshold?

If I reach the threshold after 7/1/19, will you automatically convert me?

Must I maintain my $250,000 balance once I’m in the Institutional Class?

In the Institutional Class, is the minimum per fund $1,000 so long as the overall investment is at least $250,000?

Is this conversion a taxable event?

Does this conversion impact my cost-basis?

Can I claim a stepped-up cost-basis to the account value as of July 1st for taxes?

For More Information:

Investors or Shareholders
Shareholder Services Team
(800) 492-8332

Advisors or Institutional Investors
Christopher Crawford
(913) 647-2321

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