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Fund Oversight

The Board of Trustees’ role is one of oversight rather than day-to-day management of the Funds. The Audit Committee assists with this oversight function. The Board of Trustees’ oversight extends to the Fund’s risk management processes. Those processes are overseen by officers, including the President and Treasurer, Secretary and Chief Compliance Officer, who regularly report to the Board of Trustees on a variety of matters at Board meetings.

The Board of Trustees is currently comprised of three Independent Trustees – Mr. Philip J. Kennedy, Ms. Rachel F. Lupardus, and Mr. Jeffrey D. Yowell – and one Interested Trustee – Ms. Laura Symon Browne. Ms. Symon Browne is an interested person of the Trust by virtue of the fact that she is an employee and stockholder of the Advisor. The Trust has appointed Mr. Yowell as Chairman.

The Board of Trustees has established three standing committees – the Audit Committee, the Marketing and Distribution Committee, and the Nominating Committee. All Independent Trustees are members of the Audit Committee and the Nominating Committee. Inclusion of all Independent Trustees as members of the Audit Committee and the Nominating Committee allows all such Trustees to participate in the full range of the Board of Trustees’ oversight duties, including oversight of risk management processes. In accordance with the fund governance standards prescribed by the SEC under the 1940 Act, the Independent Trustees on the Nominating Committee select and nominate all candidates for Independent Trustee positions. The Marketing and Distribution Committee consists of one Independent Trustee and one Interested Trustee.

Each Trustee was appointed to serve on the Board of Trustees because of his or her experience, qualifications, attributes and/or skills. The Board of Trustees reviews its leadership structure regularly. The Board of Trustees believes its leadership structure is appropriate and effective in light of the size of the Trust, the nature of its business, and industry practices.

Fundamental Approach

We get to know the companies we invest in and learn how they run their business.

Top-Down Bottom-Up

We identify Top-Down broad, secular growth trends and search for companies from the Bottom-Up.

Proprietary Philosophy

We construct our portfolios based on our own proprietary investment strategy.

Midwest Values

Our Midwest headquarters are far from the noise and distraction of coastal markets.

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