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International Markets Offering Low Valuations and Faster Pace of Growth

July 27, 2018


Buffalo Funds International co-portfolio manager Bill Kornitzer, CFA, was recently interviewed by The Wall Street Transcript about the ongoing trade war rhetoric and how they might impact the International Fund. He also provides insights into the importance of investing internationally and cites several examples of companies within his portfolio that highlight his team’s investment strategy at work:

  • Dassault Systemes (France) – OTCMKTS:DASTY
  • Sartorius Stedim Biotech (France) – EPA:DIM
  • HDFC Bank (India) – NYSE:HDB
  • ICICI Bank (India) – NYSE:IBN

While they’re not immune from the turbulence caused by these changing tariff regimes, our process naturally pushes us away from heavily cyclical and commodity-oriented type companies, which are frequently the direct point of trade actions and where the real issue could be on a company-specific basis. ~ Bill Kornitzer, CFA, Co-Portfolio Manager, Buffalo International Fund

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All charts provided by The Wall Street Transcript.


Bill Kornitzer, BUFIX co-portfolio manager, discusses the accelerated pace of the growth of global economies outside the U.S. and why, given where valuations are today, there are many opportunities to invest internationally at this time.


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